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The Brazilian sugarcane innovation system

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André Tosi Furtado

Ethanol has recently been of great interest worldwide because it is a viable economic alternative to
petroleum products and it is a renewable source of energy that mitigates the emission of greenhouse
gases. Brazilian bioethanol from sugarcane is the most successful case at the world level because of its
low cost and low level of greenhouse gas emissions. Brazil’s success with...

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New DTW-Based method to similarity search in sugar cane regions represented by climate and remote sensing time series

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Jurandir Zullo Junior , Luciana Alvim Santos Romani , Renata Ribeiro do Valle Gonçalves

Brazil is an important sugar cane producer, which is the main resource for ethanol production, a renewable source of energy. This agricultural commodity is important to the country economy, becoming fundamental to improve models that assist the crops monitoring process. Vegetation indexes originated from remote sensing images and agrometeorological indexes can be combined to represent sugar cane f...

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