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Combinando análise fractal e mineração de séries temporais para identificação de extremos climáticos regionais

In the last few decades, huge amounts of climate data from groundbased stations and other different sensors have been gathered and stored by several private and public institutions. The analysis of these data has become an important task due to worldwide climate changes and the consequent social and economic effects. In this work, we propose an approach to analyze multiple climate time series in order to identify intrinsic temporal patterns. By dealing with multiple time series as multidimensional data streams, we can integrate different climate variables and discover general behavior changes over time. Experimental studies on real climate time series collected from different regions of Brazil show the applicability of our approach.

Logotipo do Programa Fapesp de Mudanças Climáticas Processo N.08/58160-5 | Período: 01/12/2010 a 30/11/2014