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Estimativa da temperatura da superfície terrestre, destinada ao monitoramento agrometeorológico de dias com temperaturas elevadas, utilizando dados do sensor AVHRR

The acquirement of surface temperature data, necessary to the agricultural monitoring, still is a challenge stumbled upon due to factors like: the difficult access to the places where the surface stations are installed, the acquisition price of meteorological ground stations, and the difficulty of communication and operation. Therein, the meteorological satellites represent an alternative for the acquisition of the necessary data to the agricultural monitoring. Within the existing orbital systems, the sensor AVHRR (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer) is indicated for the estimations of surface temperature for having five spectral bands in the electromagnetic spectrum distributed from the visible to the thermal infrared. This article analyses the correlation between values of surface temperature values estimated from AVHRR/NOAA with air temperature data registered in meteorological ground stations. The images were processed and, using three different models, the surface temperature was estimated. This procedure was made for three different dates when maximum temperatures were greater than 30°C: January 08, 2008; September 05, 2008 and September 10, 2008. The correlation between remote sensing data and ground station data was not significant (R²=0,1) pointing out the need of improvements in the models used and available in literature to estimate mainly high temperatures that can become more frequent in a warmer world.

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